AugmentedKit Now supports iOS 8.0

Augmented reality is a new technique where you view the world through a device camera and the device overlays extra information on top of the real-world view.

AugmentedKit is developed to give you ability to provide virtual reality for location based iOS apps. Now, you can give real-world view in your iOS apps within ten minutes. Download and start developing real world apps today.


The World's fastest location based Augmented Reality engine for iOS. AugmentedKit uses minimum CPU. It uses GCD power that does not effect your app's performance.

Free to use

You can download and start developing your apps now. You don't need to buy any license before publishing your app.

Use Everything

Use any content in your markers. They can be text, images, videos, tableviews and any UIKit components.

Game Enabled

Create amazing augmented reality games in just a few easy steps. It gives you 60 fps rendering time.


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